Win Your Way To Wild Rumpus Adult Summer Camp!

At The Wild Rumpus, we just wanted to create a place for you to escape from your routine. Somewhere that doesn’t matter how many ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ you have, but rather, a place where you meet real people face to face, make real memories, and a place where we can all practice living a little wilder versions of ourselves.

So what is The Wild Rumpus?

Think of your typical kids summer adventure camp.  You start with the bus ride, or boat ride there.  You get checked into your cabin, meet your fellow campers, eat meals together in the dining hall.  Then you spend the rest of your time together playing games and going on epic adventures.  Somehow, by the end of it all, you have made half a dozen new best friends and endless memories.

Now, picture going back as an adult and being given the freedom to participate wherever you see fit, add some nightly themed parties, and that’s exactly what The Wild Rumpus is.


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The prize includes:
2 Tickets to The Wild Rumpus Adult Summer Camp on Gambier Island, valued at $1070. (June 30th to July 3rd)
Boat taxi to and from Gambier Island
3 nights food, drinks and accommodation
All Camp games and adventures

Contest closes May 14 at 11:59PM. 102.7 THE PEAK’s Contest rules apply.