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He’s the family guy from PoCo. She’s the Downtown social butterfly. Two longtime best friends finding great stories and humour in everyday life. Stay informed and start your day on a positive note. Be part of the show! Call, text, tweet or Facebook them anytime.
Named "Performers of the Year" by the BC Association of Broadcasters in 2014.

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(WATCH) Iceland Soccer Commentator Loses His Mind AGAIN After Team Defeats England

‘We are never going home! Never wake me from this amazing dream’ - Icelandic Soccer Commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson Read more...

Surprise! Every. Single. Episode of 'Gilmore Girls' is Coming to Netflix Worldwide on Friday

(Update: Although the show will be released world-wide this Friday, several PEAK listeners have pointed out that you can already start binge-watching on Canadian Netflix! Lucky us!) Read more...

Finally! Offline Viewing May Be Coming to Netflix By the End of 2016

The next step in the evolution of Netflix could be here by the end of the year: offline viewing. Read more...

(LISTEN) Fall Out Boy ft Missy Elliot's 2016 Version of 'Ghostbusters' Theme

This morning, the 2016 theme for the new Ghostbusters reboot was released. Performed by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot, what do you think of their updated version of the Ray Parker Jr. classic? Read more...


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